Bare Skin Care - Whats' Life Like After Heart Attack

by Charles Bollmann July 08, 2013

But with all the medical advances today, there is no reason one cannot live a good life after a heart attack, following the doctor's recommendations. 

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Bare Skin Care - Natural Remedy For Acne

by Charles Bollmann August 16, 2012

The next new acne treatment may be found in the produce section of your food store. Largely due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the herb thyme -- which is found with other herbs in the produce section of most food stores -- may well earn itself a place in the skin care section of your local drug store.

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Bare Skin Care - Is the Bed to Blame?

by Charles Bollmann July 05, 2012

Anti-aging skin care and natural skin care have us looking younger than ever, and areas such as skin lightening enable us to remove spots and let our facial features shine. There's no excuse for dry or irritated skin any longer. Draw out your true beauty with Bare Skin Care Products.  

Two adults in a double- or queen- size bed have as much horizontal space as a baby does in a crib!

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Bare Skin Care - Anti-Aging Tip - How To Keep Stress in Check

by Charles Bollmann July 04, 2012

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Bare Skin Care - Dieting Myths and Facts

by Charles Bollmann June 24, 2012

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