TESTIMONIALS                 Rating: 5 stars

Author: Suzanne Klapp 

I have been using Dr. Bollman’s Bare Skin products for about 20 years, not long after he developed the line and began selling at the time to his patients. They were always good in the beginning and now, after years of development, they are great. They must be or I would not have stayed loyal to Bare Skin for all these years. I am now 76 years old and am told by many that I do not look like my age. Dr. Bollman has to take some of the credit for this. That brings up another great part of Bare Skin. Dr. Bollman is a real, live doctor who has used his own products from day one. He’s now in his 80’s and his skin is great. He is not a TV or internet personality. He was a gynecologist in Scottsdale AZ for many decades before retiring and now continues to work with his successful skin care product line.


Title: Wonderful product by a caring doctor
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Laura (Ziegelmair) Pearson ()     

Dr Bollmann was my doctor for about 20 years when I lived in Scottsdale Arizona. Recently if I could afford to fly back and forth from Oregon he'd still be my doctor. He has always cared about his patients and skin Care and this product really works. My deep wrinkles are disappearing and you don't even need a moisturizer although his is really great. I would highly recommend this for any age woman. The $99 new customer package is a great deal.


Title: A long time user
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Destiny ()

I first saw Dr. Bollmann when I was 23 yrs old as he was also my mother’s OBGYN and came highly recommended by her for his skin care line. I experienced acne & melasma after having my son. I purchased his entire line & was blown away by the results. My skin was like a new born baby’s skin and friends and family couldn’t believe the results. I am now in my 40’s and have referred many others to Dr Bollmann for his line of skin care. He’s so genuine and will personally answer any questions you may have. He also remembers me & my mom after all these years ♥️

For over 20 years I have used & loved Dr. Bollmann's products. They have allowed me to gracefully enter this phase of my life. I appreciate you Dr. Bollmann & the sage advice on your blog!
As I thought about our conversation  last week I started to think about how grateful I have been for you and your products over the years.  I know nothing in this life stays the same, so change is a constant.  Your products have been consistent and dependable and of excellent quality.  Thank you Dr. Bollmann for what you have and will still do.  You have a fan in me that’s for sure. 

Amazing products and fantastic customer care!!!

I am amazed by the change in my skin from the hyper pigmentation program. It has taken a decade off my skin and gained me compliment after compliment and disbelief at my age. These products are fantastic. Dr Bollmann is fantastic as well. Personal with issues and orders. Accommodating regarding customer needs/changes to orders. The best customer service one could ever hope for. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Bollmann's Bare Skin Care products. 

Not bad for 41 right? I give your products most of the credit. People always ask me what I do to my skin to look so young, I say 1) no sun 2) no kids, and 3) DR. Bollman’s Bare Skin systems. I’m always touting how amazing they are
Traci H


Just an FYI- I won a gift basket full of your products at Colleens Dream charity event a few months ago. I have used every product under the sun from obagi, Jan Marini, PCA, Skinmedica, etc... and since using your line my skin has never looked better. Love your products! Thank you!! Best,  

R.U., Phoenix, AZ


"It is the only skin care program I have ever stuck with.

G.K., Botswana
May God Almighty richly bless you and give you many more years to continue producing products of such a kind.


J.K., Scottsdale, AZ


"I started the Bare Skin Care Program just one month ago; since I started my skin has not looked this good in 25 years.

D. S., Bolinas, CA


"I appreciate the fair prices for high quality product. Dr. Bollmann ships the orders right away so I never need to wait. 

Dr. L.H., Florida 


"When I had minor surgery, the recovery room nurse had to go off duty. As I was still asleep, she woke me up to ask what skin care line I was using - it was Bare Skin Care.

Testimonial for Bare Skin Care
Heidi Fogelsong
Former TV anchor

Testimonial for Bare Skin Care,
Bare Skin Care Model, Actress, TV Host

Bare Skin Care is the best skin care on the market.
I love the way my skin looks and feels.
Thank you, Dr. Bollmann