Four Myths of the Skin

  1. Skincare products can close pores - this is a myth. Pores have no muscles - hence cannot open and close; they can, however, become clogged.

2. Myth of the skin - Skin creams with collagen can replace collagen - collagen is a large molecule and isn't going to pass through your skin and somehow incorporate itself exactly where it was lost. Your body has to synthesize new collagen on its own from basic proteins. Certain vitamins, such as A and C, can help this along. 

3. Skin hygiene and blackheads - a myth
Many people believe that if your skin is not cleaned properly more blackheads can appear, especially during periods of fluctuating hormone levels such as puberty or just before menstruation.
Scientists and doctors say this a myth. The National Health Service in the UK explains that most biological reactions that trigger acne do not occur on the surface of the skin, but beneath it.

4. Myth of the Skin: Retinol (Vitamin A) will thin out the skin.

Retinol enhances the skin's barrier function, aids in collagen production, regulates oil production, reduces skin dryness, and increases skin oxygenation. Topical steroids like cortisone will thin the skin when used for prolonged periods. Retinol will actually thicken thin skin.

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