Best Healing - Cover or Leave Open A Wound

Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Covering a wound with a moist bandage (not wet) specific for the purpose is best for wound healing. I used Elastoplast routinely in my practice.

A moist bandage like Elastoplast will help prevent scab formation, which can delay healing.

It is best to change the dressing twice daily, and keep the area clean. Usually covering wounds for about 5 days will take care of most wounds. When they are healed, you can leave them open.

Some people will be sensitive to bandages left on after several days, so this needs to be evaluated during the wound care. A redness around the wound from the bandage usually means it is time to remove the bandage.


To best prevent scar formation, use Retin-A or a retinol product like Bare Skin Care Rejuvenation Serum on the scar starting TWO WEEKS AFTER IT IS HEALED.


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