Improve Quality Of Life - Bare Skin Care

by Charles Bollmann March 01, 2014

Even the most modest amount of regular physical activity can make a marked difference in a person’s quality of life.X
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Bare Skin Care - Best Way To Exercise

by Charles Bollmann June 04, 2013

The team observed that the combined training regimen led to significantly greater reductions in insulin resistance (as compared to resistance training alone), and was also associated with greater improvements in functional limitations (as compared to aerobic exercise alone). 

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Bare Skin Care - Importance of Stress Reduction

by Charles Bollmann May 31, 2013

men and women who were socially outgoing and not easily distressed by circumstances were 49% less likely to develop dementia over time.

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Bare Skin Care - Strength Training Eases the Effects of Aging

by Charles Bollmann April 04, 2013

Bare Skin Care - our Basic Bare Skin Program will help prevent and correct the visible effects of aging.

 70% of women at age 70 cannot lift a gallon of milk. And it is known that muscles begin to atrophy within 48 hrs. of disuse.

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Bare Skin Care - Exercise And Alzheimer’s Disease

by Charles Bollmann March 30, 2013


six months of moderate levels of aerobic activity can produce significant improvements in cognitive function, 

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Bare Skin Care - Use Exercise To Prevent Cancer

by Charles Bollmann October 23, 2012

Studies have suggested that physical activity decreases the risk of certain cancers. 

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