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Bare Skin Care - Exercise And Alzheimer’s Disease

by Charles Bollmann March 30, 2013

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Dr Bollmann on Bare Skin Care

Exercise Excels for Effects on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) typically progresses to the point where physical deterioration adversely impacts the ability to function independently, which in turn affects quality of life.  Researchers from the  Universidad Europea De Madrid (Spain) studied the a group of 16 men and women with Alzheimer’s Disease, assigning half to undergo a 12-week training program (including resistance, flexibility, joint mobility and balance/coordination exercises), and the other half receiving normal care (no special exercise training). Those subjects in the exercise group showed significant improvements in measures of upper and lower body strength and flexibility, agility and balance, walking abilities, and endurance.  The exercise group also was able to perform activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and moving about, with greater independence. 

As well, researchers from the University of Illinois (USA) reported that six months of moderate levels of aerobic activity can produce significant improvements in cognitive function, with the most dramatic effects occurring on measures of executive control. The team observed that these improvements are accompanied by altered brain activity measures and increases in prefrontal and temporal grey matter volume that translate into a more efficient and effective neural system.

Charles Bollmann
Charles Bollmann

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