Bare Skin Care - Six Basics To Stock For Emergency

by Charles Bollmann July 31, 2012

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Use In Case Of Emergency

The American Red Cross recommends six basics you should stock for your home in the case of an emergency.  Keep the items that you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy-to carry container (a covered trash container, a camping backpack or a duffle bag) that is kept in a readily accessible location (the guest closet or garage, for example).

Your Disaster Supplies Kit should include:

  • Water: One gallon of water per person per day, keep at least a three-day supply of water per person.
  • Food:  A three-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • First Aid Supplies:  Including bandages, dressings, gloves, anti-bacterials, and non-prescription drugs (pain relievers, antacids, anti-diarrheals, etc); see the web resource below for a more thorough list
  • Medications for health conditions
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Tools and emergency supplies
  • Special items necessary for infants and elderly or disabled persons
  • Copies of key family documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, drivers licenses, banking and credit card account numbers, insurance policies, health records, household inventory lists; continue reading for further details.


Visit the American Red Cross website, at, to find how to build your Disaster Supplies Kit.

Charles Bollmann
Charles Bollmann

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