by Charles Bollmann October 29, 2019

 Dr Bollmann

Bare Skin Care has finally added a product to replace Final Touch, as many of you have requested. Final Touch was one of my favorite products, which I used every day. Now we have Neova DNA Concentrate Activatoras the finishing product for all our Bare Skin Care Routines.

Since we started Bare Skin Care in 1998, some products have gone out of date, some ingredients are no longer available, and some are too expensive to produce any longer.

We have been trying to find or develop a finishing product for our routines for some time, ever since Final Touch was not available. Now we have Neova DNA Concentrate Activator, containing DNA + Hyaluronic Acid, taking our Bare Skin Care routinesfrom good to amazing.

Neova Activator is a dynamic, first of its kind infusion designed to do everything better for photoaging skin. With patented DNA repair enzymes at its core, DNA Concentrate Activator formula empowers damaged cells to self-correct. Add moisture-binding hyaluronic acid of the smallest molecular size and every possible requirement for healthy skin is at full speed ahead, potentiatingall of our exquisite Bare Skin Care Routines.

Who Benefits: For all skin types, even the most sensitive in need of fast-track repair to improve overall condition of environmentally damaged skin.

Charles Bollmann
Charles Bollmann

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