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Bare Skin Care - Can Fruits and Vegetables Affect Your Brain?

by Charles Bollmann August 11, 2012

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Organic skin care products utilizing professional skin care ingredients, such as our Bare Skin Retinol Night Cream,  Anti-Aging Serum and Bare Skin Moisturizer, let you give yourself a penetrating and effective home facial. Designed for even very sensitive skin types, our affordable line of skin care treatment products will enhance and bring out your true beauty! Any of the products from our line of healthy skin care alternatives will impress you with their effectiveness against problem skin! 

Green Groceries

The United Nations estimates that at least four million people worldwide have Parkinson's Disease (PD), a type of motor system disorder that is marked by tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural instability.

Environmental exposures increase a person's risk of developing PD. Even when genes are a factor in the disease, as with many familial cases, exposure to toxins or other environmental factors may influence when symptoms of the disease appear and/or how the disease progresses.  Pesticides and fungicides produce free radicals that cause cellular oxidative stress, one of the main causes of degeneration of brain cells.  In a 2005 study by University of Rochester (USA) researchers, pesticides and fungicides were found to remain on produce for more than three weeks, and persisted even after washing.

Whenever possible, purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables and encourage your grocer to provide produce that is free of pesticides and fungicides.

Our affordable line of Bare Skin Care treatment products are designed for even very sensitive skin types, and will enhance and bring out your true beauty! Any of the items from our line of healthy skin care products will simply wow you with their effectiveness against problem and aging skin! 

Charles Bollmann
Charles Bollmann

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January 21, 2013

You’ve mnagaed a first class post

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